Our treatment and finishing system offers the most optimal results with a range of options including UV filters, anti-mist solutions, closures or perforation, among others.




Here are some of the special treatments that we apply to our films:

Anti-mist treatment

to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and moisture out.

UV filter

application of special varnishes to protect UV-sensitive products.

Gloss and matte finishes

Enhance and decorate your products with special varnishes and more exclusive finishes.

HD flexographic printing

Certified HD printing quality.

Laser micro-perforation

With this technology, we are able to accurately control the product’s permeability with the atmosphere, therefore extending product shelf life.

Peelable easy-open seals

to facilitate the opening of product packaging for consumers.


Special easy-open system that enables the final consumer to reseal packaging if the entire contents have not been consumed at once.


To guarantee correct ventilation of produce such as fresh vegetables.

Laminated films

suitable for pasteurisation, sterilisation and microwave use


Junta de Andalucía

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